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4/16/12 — We’re getting ready to build. We’d like to sell our current home, and lease it back for a year or so. Brief video tour here.


Here’s what’s going on in our lives that you might enjoy. Here’s what you can expect:

Springtime has about given way to early summer. A couple of evenings in early April dipped into the 20s, which snuck up on some spring growth. We’re enjoying the 70-degree days and beautiful mountains of Western NC. Merri starts her next-to-final term of seminary in late April, and is gearing up for the big summer Montreat push. Perry is happily inundated with marketing design, video production, fundraising marketing for Montreat, and such.

Pix & Notes Occasionally we post stories and photos of other activities, trips, and gatherings. UPDATE: Beginning with the Fall 2011 photos, slideshows are now viewable on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) devices.

About Us — Little bios on each of us, and how we met.

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We hope you find some tasty morsels. Enjoy!

Merri & Perry