Just Right

Early on, we faced striking differences in our backgrounds. Merri’s lifelong immersion in her faith appeared to be at great odds with Perry’s “unchurched” history.

With open hearts, however, we dove into what might have become an impasse, and came to reframe it. Delightfully, we found that these distinct life paths have provided us with a closely aligned set of ethics and core beliefs around what’s important and our treatment of others.

We have grown to accept, respect, and celebrate each other for who we truly and fully are. We cherish the great riches that continue to emerge for us in this sublime relationship.

About Us

How We Met

Online! Merri had sworn off online dating, after years of little success, but was asked by a friend to check out a guy’s profile on a site Merri hadn’t previously visited. In order to do that, she had to post a profile of her own. In doing so, she unwittingly provoked a flood of potential matches, and Perry’s photo was third from the top. It met her long-standing criterion of: ”Could I look at that face across the breakfast table in 10 years?” And, his profile said he wasn’t as conservative on the inside as he appeared on the outside. She felt the same way about herself, which moved her to dash off a quick, appreciative e-mail, with no expectation of a reply. Her mouse-click on the “Send” button cast their fate. Because he did reply. They immediately chatted for an hour on the phone, had dinner that night, and the rest was a wondrous story of shared openness, full respect, complete trust, and deep love.

About Merri

MerriA North Carolina native, I spent my early years in the eastern part of the US living in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, and Georgia. My teen years were spent half way around the world in Viet Nam. I attended high school in Baguio City, Philippines at an Episcopal boarding school. It was back to NC for my college years at St. Andrews Presbyterian College. With my theatre degree freshly achieved, I ventured into the dinner theatre management world in Ohio and Tennessee for half a decade. The late seventies took me to Florida for two years of photography school. After a year as a portrait/wedding photographer, I landed at Montreat Conference Center in 1981. By 1983 I had married and moved to the Georgia coast where I lived for 18 years. After my husband died, providence brought me back to the mountains of Western North Carolina in 2003, where I have had the good fortune to meet Perry, one of the finest men I have ever known. What a joy and a privilege it is to have the opportunity to create a life with him!

About Perry

PerryI grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, married, and earned my BS in Design degree from the Univ. of Mich. After graduation, I settled in Phoenix, AZ, and lived there for about 25 years. I got into retail advertising and marketing, and started my own consulting business in 1989. During the Phoenix years, my wife and I amicably parted ways, and I eventually married again. A business opportunity prompted a move to Dallas for a few years. Seeking a wonderful place to live, I landed in Asheville in 2002. The time since has been mostly wonderful, with many deep friendships. It’s also been sometimes trying, with both my marriage and a business endeavor concluding. In 2009, the brightest period of my life sprang from that darkness, and began pouring light into my heart the day Merri sent me her innocuous little e-mail from the online dating site. The adventure just gets better and better!